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Blog Stats 1,, hits. Well I think the first the first Sage to document about astrology was Brighu Maharshi. T here is a story you guyz can read about on the internet where he made a prediction about two people one was supposed to become King and the other he predicted would end up in a prison when they grow up. But it turned out the reverse actually happened. When the Sage was asked about it the Sage replied it was because of the will power, and the way they lived their life that changed their destiny. The person who was supposed to go to jail used his will power and followed righteous path and became a King.

The other person who was destined to become a king took it for granted and started living reckless life and ended up in prison. So moral of the story is our past Karmas will create "situations" for you, but you still have your "free will" on how you can respond and react to the situation and create your own destiny. I heard it from a guru and wanted to share it with you all. I have utmost respect the spiritual magnitude of sadhguru, I have spend almost a week in the dhyanlinga.

The way this article says that the "indigenous" People considered Earth as their mother not the Supposed "Aryans" is completely Baseless.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Birthday Prediction | Horoscope

Can you discuss on the correctness of astrology. Because entire predictive astrology is bogus and astrologers are just befooling. Open invitation and open discussion.

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Which is the right time of birth. Everyone follows their own process.

Astrology Blogs From Best Astrologer in Kolkata, India | Indraraj Priyam

Is there a way to work backwards and verify one's time of birth? When spiritual level increases, nature follows your command. Its true. Look for solutions inside and not outside. There are hundreds of Vedic shakas in South India. Vedic Jyotisha is practised in a major way and is the mainstream astrology. To say that South India was not part of Vedic culture is a false statement. Please correct it. Aryan-Dravidian theory is completely bogus. There is no scientific evidence for it and should not be propagated by the Isha Foundation.

A solar ecllipse takes only seconds to complete. Imagine with in seconds we go from darkness to light, and this has a dramatic effect on every creature on the planet. Nice article, but one thing I want to point is Bramharshi Vyasa's mother was not Dravidian also not sure whether this Aryan and Dravidian classification at all is correct; keeping in mind many genetic study and our Shastras but from same group of people who were settled in that time in the area as Mahabharata is considered here mainly the area of Ganga and Yamuna basin but of different class or caste, most probably Shudra as per the Mahabharta itself and other Puranas.

In this perspective we must reconsider basis of these classifications whether be it Aryan and Dravidian or "Chaturbarna" with proper scientific studies genetic is the best way so far and not linguistic which has been popular so far it could be deceptive time to time. I'm astrologer and astrology works but like wise astrologers said "Ignorant people are moved by planets and stars but Wise man are moving these two" so do get it twisted, astrology can be very powerful tool to gather certain information but still need to be handled the way sadhguru says.

Right Sullivan. Appreciate your views.

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Thats what I am saying , If I say you cant be rich, you will work hard to achieve it. Eventhough as per astrology , your life is scripted , lesser you know better it is and it is all upto the astrologers intuition , experience , conviction and integrity that matters on how he guides the people who come to him for guidance.

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But its not a nomads foolish observation , i have seen sdaguru talking about astrology as the way sages used for guidance like how GPS works now. So , lets stick to one kind of reply for eveything. This is incorrect. You are falling for their second and their even harder to uphold lie. This man puts my intelligence to shame all the time. He lights my life and makes me free A plan is based on expected output from something, which is a prediction Just because a rain is predicted or expected we take umbrella or rain coat and save ourselves I too studied and practicing Astrology, in my opinion i am sure Sadguru is meant by saying that please keep all those astrological predictions etc Which is very important for achieving peace of mind.

No one will escape from past Karma including Sadguru, however few turning points can be altered just like a good driver versus poor driver comparing their driving skills. All the living things have Prana in their body and they live plus do their Karma. The only difference between Human and others are man change change his current karma and be happy in life, whereas others can only do their Karma as destined to them.

Therefore, man can learn, practice and understand the truth by hard work rather than depending completely based on an astrologer.

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  7. Very recently i predicted 2 incidents and that came true and the seeker called and appreciated my prediction.. There was no extra efforts from either side me or the seeker. What i saw in his horoscope is the result of his Karma. Any way quite interesting subject Yes , There is a concept called birth time rectification where the astrologer ask you serious of questions and try figure out the time as close to a minute but its a quite advanced topic.

    Coming to your other which is the right time of birth , the right time is the moment baby cries and takes in the cosmic cry also sometimes others say it the time when you cut the amblical cord as some say the souls journey begins that time when it is cut from the mother. I am doing a research on thi but no proper qualitative or quantitative data available. I think you are wrong on Sanchit Karma. Its just a store house of Karma that we have accumulated from millions of birth. We come into this world with the Prabda. We can still change the Prabda or lessen their intensity based on our will power or how we live or by even Gurus grace.

    Predictions turn true or not, astrologers are dangerous people. They kill people alive. Useless characters who take life out of life. I am a certified Plenatary Gemologist and astrologer. I have been learning this science for almost 10 years now and as per my experience , the vedic astrology is the most accurate from of predictive astrology ever. Once you cast one's horosocope provided the time and place are captured perfectly , we can almost draw out a character map and life events for that person. I am disaapointed with Sadguru they way he described vedic astrology as the way of looking up stars like nomads.

    No way!! Vedic astrology or Jyotisha is primarily composed by Sage Parasara , was a Rigvedic Maharishi seer , and the author of many ancient Indian texts. He is accredited for being the author of the first Purana: Vishnu Purana before his Son Veda Vyasa wrote it in its present form. His classical book on astrology called Brihat Parasara Hora shastra is most advanced vedic astrology shastra. His composition about creation of universe , kala purusha cosmic man our celestial zodiac which is considered the body of vishnu himself with 27 nakshatras , 12 houses and 9 planets etc Moons path throughthis nakshatras , rashis at the time of birth or any particular day has immense significance.

    For example , a person born under Moon in Rishaba , Rohini nakshatra is completely different from a Person born with Moon in 8th house in Moola Nakshatra at the time of birth. May be thorugh yoga , mantra and spiritual process you can alter the compositino of our three gunas and there my make our own plan but the principle charatcter and destiny cannot be alteredt.

    Message to Sadguru : So called Aryan and Dravidian thoery is a false propaganda created by britishers for dominating we indians. This is a well known fact and I am surprised you say this Please take a single stand and give us a clarity. Sadhguru is spot on with respect to thinking of Dravidian and Aryan people which can be noticed even today of you are willing to observe without prejudice.

    However, over thousands of years cultural, social and intellectual mixing between races has produced a common culture among us which cannot be separated.