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Excitation quickness for Gemini: the chameleon.

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Excitation quickness reaches its climax: brisk, flexible, free-flowing reactions, hyper-adaptability to the variety of stimuli from the outside world. One flits from one thing to another, comfortable with change, movement, diversity, transformations.

Everything stimulates, galvanizes, interests, anything triggers enthusiastic reactions. Optimal convertibility, multi-faceted unpredictable behaviour. Sense of opposites for Aries: the decision maker. First stage of the Sense of opposites, polarized by the Excitation strength and quickness: one takes sides without hesitation nor subtleties, one is bluntly for or against, up to manichaeism. Since choices are quick, instinctive, thoughtless, adaptation might require calling these into question. In this case, complete turnarounds: what used to be adored is fought with equal violence. Sense of syntheses for Gemini: the one-man band.

The Gemini Woman

Excitation reduces Inhibition to the bare bones. The refusal or the active surpassing of antagonisms allows everything and everyone to meet freely. The most heterogeneous elements mingle naturally, each of these being fully autonomous while connected to the others by an overall dynamics that combines apparently irreducible dualities. Humanism is instinctive, universalism is spontaneous.

The contradictions that emerge from opposing viewpoints can even out from the moment everyone respects the basic freedom of the other.

Eliminating Inhibition weakness for Aries: the impulsive. Aries is unable to develop any indifference, to stay stone-faced, to remain phlegmatic. Difficulty or impossibility to forget, to boycot, to wipe the slate clean. He charges in no matter what, driven to intoxication by the present moment. The weakness of oblivion underlines the importance of memory: first impressions are indelible.

The lack of distance, therefore of thought, makes him naive, gullible, ready to believe anything. Eliminating Inhibition weakness for Gemini: the exhibitionist. Like a feather in the wind: no center, no interiority, no depth. Unadapted Inhibition slowness for Aries: the intractable. The brake is difficult to maneuver. Two solutions are possible. He then builds himself monolithic and unilateral defence systems. His refusals are rigid and never change, whatever the situation is.

Astrology - Behavior of Gemini Children - age 5 to 15

Entrenched, morbid resentment and grudges. The imagination is fascinated by legends, by baroque myths. Unadapted Inhibition slowness for Gemini: the intellectualist.

Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter

Like for Aries, there are two possibilities. Incommunicable, unverifiable abstract hermetism. Egalitarian phase for Aries: the all-for-nothing. A monochrome aggressivity incites to fight everything altogether: everything is rejected and tarred with the same brush.

Astrological age

Everyone is wrong, friends as well as enemies. Good is not better than evil. Ultraparadoxical phase for Gemini: the misunderstanding.

Taste for blatant illogicalities, preposterous speculations. At best he succeeds, diplomat of the ephemeral, in blending the most opposing viewpoints into a fragile and fleeting alliance. The portraits in comics of the 12 zodiac Signs. Discover the funny and educational caricatures, the qualities and defects of the Aries, the Taurus, the Gemini, the Cancer, the Leo, the Virgo, the Libra, the Scorpio, the Sagittarius, the Capricorn, the Aquarius, the Pisces in 24 original pages.

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Gemini Money Horoscope: Know Financial Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

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